Controlling the controllers

Part of my Living Room redo is finding storage and power supply for all the gaming peripherals. I have multiple controllers for every console, with the Wii U and Wii clocking in at over fifteen combined accessories. A Wii U Gamepad, four Wiimotes, four nunchucks, two charging stations, two ‘guns’, three wheels…I think that covers it. Thankfully I didn’t get into the crap accessories category.

All this stuff has to go somewhere, and preferably somewhere hidden so my wife doesn’t decide she’s had enough and start chucking things. Also preferable would be somewhere centralized to charge all the portable gaming systems, but that doesn’t have to be the same place the controllers get charged.

As far as charging goes, I need one outlet or strip to do the following:

  • Xbox 360 charger stand (one plug, two controllers)
  • PS3 charger stand (one plug, two controllers)
  • Wii U/Wii charger stands (two plugs, five controllers)
  • Universal remote charger (microUSB cord)
  • Expansion room (PS4 stand, Xbox one stand)
  • Portable charging? (DS, PSP, Apple, etc)

I have a Belkin 6-port outlet in my bedroom that I like, and it has two dedicated USB ports that I believe can do a combined 5A. If I can find another one cheap, that should be just about enough. A standard 8-port strip would do the job as well. The PS3 charger has two USB ports built-in, but I’m not sure what kind of power they are putting out.

Ideally, I’d like to replace the chargers I have for the 360 and PS3. They are like mini towers, and the space could be better utilized. There is a Nyko solution for the 360 I may pick up, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be one for the PS3 that’s currently available. Sony made one but it is discontinued. There are some variations on the tower one I have, but I’m again looking for something that takes up less space.

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