Back to gaming

With the awful prospect of mostly being chained to my desk for this summer and fall, I decided to get back into gaming a bit to help break up what my mind was having to do. Namely, I started really playing the Vita I bought two years ago and barely touched. It’s a really good system stymied by some really stupid decisions by Sony. The memory card is exhibit A. My 8GB card is maxed out, and 64GB (the highest available) is $90. Yes, $90. In a world where a 64GB SD card is a third of that. That’s one big area where Nintendo got it right, and DS/3DS games don’t take near as much room either. I actually have a Vita project that I’ll post about soon.

I took some money from the new shop build to buy an Xbox One, and joint the next generation (aside from the Wii U). Unfortunately, it doesn’t have analog out for audio, so using it at my desk is tricky. I’ve picked up quite a few games as well, and I might be talking about those at some later date. I don’t know, I usually try to go for really, really good sales.

The other thing is, I really don’t know how to end blog entr

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