Fumoto F103N Oil Valve

I’m not sure anyone really enjoys changing oil. I sure didn’t when I was getting paid for it, and I certainly don’t like doing it when I have to do it on my own time. Yet I’d rather partake the task myself than pay someone to do it with questionable results. So, how could you make it less painful?

Enter an oil pan valve. Instead of undoing a bolt each time you wanted to change the oil, all you did was flip a lever. Genius! However, that’s not to ay it doesn’t come with one severe drawback if you aren’t very careful.

My first oil change under by ownership came around 10k miles. I pulled the oil drain plug, and it made a massive mess. It came out as such a speed and volume that it overwhelmed my drain pan. My pan holds about six quarts at the absolute most, and the Tacoma takes 6.1. Thankfully this disaster did not have to happen again with the install of the Fumoto.

Now, for the danger. This valve hangs down a good bit more than the drain plug, so this could be a potential failure point if you go offroading. It did not hang down below the crossmember, but it was close. And a rock could have easily sheared it off, which is why I absolutely did not venture offroad until my skid plates were installed. Now it is safely tucked away. I wish it was safe to install on my other vehicle, but it is very low to the ground and no protection is there.

Fast forward to 15k miles, and the next oil change. I hooked up a 3/8″ hose, inserted the other end in the oil catch container, and flipped the valve open. It was slow, but I might have had a single, solitary drop escape when I took the hose off when it was done. By comparison, taking the filter off was so much messier. I will have to address this part for the next oil change.

Now, the F103N has a pretty large nipple, and you could go smaller certainly. For my purposes, and the skid plate protection I have, this one works well for me.

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